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The food on your flight will play an important role and will serve as a way to pass the time. You may choose from an array of options ahead of time. There are regular meals, vegetarian meals, dairy meals or other dietary options.

On El Al flights, all food is kosher, though not mehadrin. On foreign airlines, you must order kosher food ahead of time because the standard food is not kosher. Unlike on El Al, where you can order mehadrin fish or vegetarian meals, on foreign airlines, the only kosher meal available is meat.
Passengers who only eat mehadrin food should check who provides the airline with their kosher meals and determine if the kashrus is acceptable for their standards. I suggest that anyone who keeps only mehadrin should pack a light meal and bring it with him from home. It is not an infrequent occurrence that kosher meals are unavailable even if they are specifically ordered ahead of time.

It is very difficult to be on a plane surrounded by strong aromas of food while you sit hungrily and watch. This is the perfect time to have a sandwich in your bag. (Request that your travel agent give you a copy of the printout that confirms that kosher meals have been ordered for you. At least the flight attendant won't be able to tell you, “Sorry, but your travel agent did not order kosher food for you,” as they are taught to say in their flight attendant course and as they often tend to say.)

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