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Kikar Hayahalom – Businesses
As business professionals traveling abroad, you are certainly aware of the enormous importance of time management, maintaining your energy and your travel budget while abroad. Even for business trips, one can find inexpensive flights abroad. These are all critical factors for a business.
When are you flying? When do you arrive? How do you determine flight times in such a way that you achieve maximum efficiency when attending business meetings or exhibitions?
Time management doesn't end at the airport. At times, the timing is determined by the airport’s location or by accessibility to the city or hotel, not to mention lag time when making connecting flights.
Personal Energy
What time do you need to be at the airport? Did you “lose” a night's sleep? How will you get to the business meeting? Are you able to catch up on hours of sleep on the plane?
How many connecting flights do you need to make? Will you arrive on time? Will you arrive refreshed? Did you take jet lag into consideration? These are all business considerations that are meant to ensure the success of your trip.

As business travelers, you are aware of the cost of traveling abroad. There is economy class, business class, hotels, number of nights spent in the hotel, and other factors to consider.
We take care of all of these for you. Kikar Hayahalom's travel consultants are experienced in working with business professionals and corporations.
We will get to know you and the details that matter to you before, during and after the flight to ensure that you receive the best treatment.

 Main branch: Jabotinsky 1,  Ramat Gan: 03-5750033
Jerusalem branch: Petah tikva 16, 02-5374040