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Kikar Hayahalom Travel and Tourism 1987 Ltd., is a travel agency that deals mainly with outbound tourism as well as with domestic tourism.



The team specializes in the following areas:

Business travel

The staff's expertise is finding inexpensive flights abroad to fit every need.


  • Business travel
  • Personal travel and last-minute flights abroad
  • Vacation travel, organized trips, vacation packages, hotels and car rentals abroad
  • Domestic tourism, choosing vacation destinations and hotels within Israel


The office is managed by a team of professional travel agents that are experts in all the fields, enabling them to provide courteous and friendly service around the clock (except for Saturdays and Jewish holidays.)  about us from the press


Business Partnerships

Kikar Hayahalom Ltd. maintains active business partnerships with all of the tourism service

providers in Israel as well as with many providers abroad.

The agency is founded on a computerized network of communication infrastructure that enables agents to access the latest information and make reservations via the ALP, ON-LINE, AMADEUS and WORLDSPAN systems. 




Tourism Ministry License number 546/95

IATA License number 37201522

Member of the Israel Travel Agents Association

Member of the Utravel Network


Corporate Identity

The office was founded on 1987 in Ramat Gan in the Diamond district by the company's CEO, Mr. Aaron Yacoby.

Today, the company employs about 35 employees who specialize in the various fields of tourism and vacation flights, under the leadership of Mr. Refoel Margaliot.



The company has another branch in Jerusalem, located at 16 Petach Tikvah Street.

In addition, there are agents spread nationwide in the cities of Netanya, Elad, Beitar, Ashdod, Jerusalem' Bnei Braq' Petach Tikva and Tel Aviv.



Kikar Hayahalom's clients include private customers, public institutions, schools, business professionals from the diamond industry as well as from other fields.


 Main branch: Jabotinsky 1,  Ramat Gan: 03-5750033
Jerusalem branch: Petah tikva 16, 02-5374040